Faerie is a Dream
My realm is no place for mortals
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I did not mean to end up this way. Through the same mortal follies that humans suffer I let my curiosity guide my actions. I suppose for now this will have to do...But I do miss Faerie...
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If we shadows have offended, think but this, and all is mended, that you have but slumbered here, while these visions did appear

sentence meme — the heat style

  • "You’re giving her beauty advice? Do you even own a fucking mirror?"
  • I’ll shut the door on you. You lay down here and put your head in the door. And I’ll slam it about 157,000 times.”
  • What’s wrong? You look a little pale… Snowcone.”
  • Jesus, what are those?”
  • "This job is destroying me… you know how old I am?"
  • My fear is that I’m gonna put you in a bikini and you’ll still look like a fucking bank teller.”
  • I had a joint and a few little bags of coke. Since when is that shit illegal?”
  • I was actually married for six-some years.”
  • Just… just don’t look. Don’t look! Don’t look! Just act like we’re talking.”
  • You want something to eat? I didn’t finish my submarine sandwich from the other day.”
  • What is that? Gum? Or is that… Silly Putty?”
  • "When did you become such a fuckin’ princess?"
  • "I'll kill her with your dead body!”
  • If you’re not in trouble you’re not doing your job.”
  • "Wow, pretty impressive. Did you see that? Look at that? That’s pretty amazing, huh? Pretty amazing."
  • I don’t want you to do time. I don’t want you to get chopped up into little tiny… mother-f-ing pieces. Oh. I can protect you. I can. But you gotta help me..”


Lily Cole by Guy Aroch for Harper’s Bazaar UK


Lily Cole at Chanel Haute Couture

Fall/Winter 2004

Look Number 65


'Pantomime' Lily Cole by Tim Walker for Vogue UK December 2004

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ѻ (handcuffs)


Send ѻ and our muses will be handcuffed together, but the cuffs won’t come off!

"What happened?" She jerked awake. "Who hit me with a bus….?" She groaned.


"I don’t know, stay with me, I don’t know yet, I hate not knowing…" She grumbled before she placed the tips of her fingers against the door, her hand leveled with her eyes sight. She looked down at Crystallin as if asking if she was ready before nodding and looking at the door. Suddenly, she punched the door and it exploded outward. Even without her power, Ziencora still had strength that was unmatched.

She stepped outside with the girl and glanced around keeping close to her. “Recognize anything…?”

Crystallin still held tightly to Cora’s hand as she looked around. It certainly seemed like winter was in the air. It was cold and brisk and everything looked ready to sleep or die off for the season. A state of agony to the plants that weren’t meant for winter, she was sure of it. She scanned it all quickly though and tried to pick something out.

"I - I think I know that statue," she answered, nodding to one in the central courtyard. "If we want t’ get t’ the high court we need t’ go East with the sun an’ then veer off just a touch t’ the North. I might - I think I know the way out o’ this palace too," she admitted hesitantly. That was assuming it hadn’t been redone since Cora was under the impression this could be the past and Crystallin certainly didn’t know what that could mean for them.








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Legions focus was on his rifle other then the mail. There was no point in getting hopeful of mail. He had no parents or siblings and no loved ones back home waiting for his arrival. Just an empty house that hadn’t been touched in a few years. Christmas was probably the hardest time when people were receiving gifts from their families and cards saying they wish them a safe deployment.

He glanced up and saw her standing there awkwardly. He watched her for a moment and then began chuckling to himself. She didn’t seem like a reporter. Most were always in their face but she stayed back, almost scared of the men. He looked down, shaking his ends and smiling as he cleaned the rifle

Crystallin had finally unclipped her helmet and pulled it off but it left her with the problem of where to put that exactly. There was still the vest too and eventually yes she was hoping for a shower. Or maybe she should leave now and then ask a few questions at dinner. Er - no, after dinner. Before? There didn’t seem to be any good time to ask anything.

She sighed to herself though and glanced around. Legion had wanted her to answer to him right? Maybe that meant she was allowed to ask a few things of him. Tucking the helmet under her arm she wandered over and offered a quick smile. “There wouldn’t happen t’ be a game room or something about where I could maybe start asking about some things right?” Sure it wouldn’t just be the marines, but Crystallin was still trying to put her whole plan together now that she was actually here and figuring things out.

 the-self-exiled asked:
"Come ooonn, I’m really hungry! You’re the one supposed t' feed me." ((We'll just assume this is well after Pele is not mad anymore that Crystallin's not a queen hehe. You know, when they get along))


"Why do I always have to feed YOU?" Pele snapped, rolling her eyes in a playful manner. "You know how to cook, hop to it."

//Yess xD//

"Because you make rice an’ fish much better than I can," Crystallin countered, rolling onto her stomach to peek over the edge of the sofa with the most pitiful big blue eyes she could manage. "Please Pele? I’ll make dessert later," she bargained, hoping to bribe the other into cooking for the moment.


They continued walking. One man began humming the marine corps hymn. Everyone began chuckling. “That songs been drilled into our head, we’ll die whistling that song” Legion chuckled. Soon everyone began in humming along and whispering the words.

After a few more miles, they made it back to base. The man that had been shot was beginning to hurt worse and worse and two men took him to the medical station. Legion lead his men back to their tent, the mailmen following them. Men threw their gear off and stood around the mailmen, anxious to get letters, packages, and the occasional playboy magazine. Legion took his mask off and went to the back corner of the tent and sat alone, setting his helmet next to him. He began cleaning his rifle, stripping it down. Names kept getting called out but as the pile grew smaller and smaller, there wasn’t one for him. Finally, all the letters were gone and the men were huddled in a group, talking and reading but Legion stayed back

Crystallin didn’t realize how long of a day it had been until they were actually back on base. Annoyingly enough, her cameraman - she was pretty sure his name was Greg? - ditched the group as soon as possible muttering about putting his camera away and getting a shower in. Definitely not someone she would have picked had she actually been in charge of this.

She had her notebook on her though and Legion had said some of his men would be willing to talk to her so it was while she was trying to recite their marine corps hymn in her head that she followed them all back. It took her another moment to realize it was because they were all waiting on mail. Crystallin had set it up with her editor before that she’d have some time set aside each week to email an update so she wasn’t expecting anything herself; but it did mean she was just standing there awkwardly waiting for them to finish up. Then again - they’d probably relax and socialize and go through their mail first so … She wasn’t entirely sure what to do with herself. Funny that a reporter should be so awkward around groups of people…