Faerie is a Dream
My realm is no place for mortals
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I did not mean to end up this way. Through the same mortal follies that humans suffer I let my curiosity guide my actions. I suppose for now this will have to do...But I do miss Faerie...
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If we shadows have offended, think but this, and all is mended, that you have but slumbered here, while these visions did appear


He shook his head. “It’s always been Legion. Don’t know why or don’t know how it just is. I guess it’s not a choice name but it’s mine and I’ll live with it” he shrugged and leaned against the wall. He smiled again, a little brighter this time. “Crystallin is a beautiful name…makes me think of shiny crystals” he remarked

"Huh… well you live with it well I’d say. I haven’t heard anyone make fun o’ you for it or even disrespect you. Whatever you did to establish yourself worked like a charm," she commented. She got quiet for a moment as she seemed to think something over before sighing and leaning back with him. "I don’t think that medic is going t’ show up … what a joke. You know it’s a good thing we fixed it ourselves or I’d beat him with your leg… after we have to amputate it o’ course," she elaborated. She was joking but she looked at him with a dead serious expression.

 the-self-exiled asked:
“Stay behind me."



Robbie’s eyes narrowed and he shoved her hand away from himself. “I can take care of myself…” He groaned and stood back in his place, observing what was before him.

Robbie curled slightly into the wall in front of him,turning his head toward the pillow more as well. He pulled the blanket over his shoulder a bit to his chin and mentally cursed at himself. ‘You’re such a fucking idiot! You do the stupidest things ever and you don’t even realize how idiotic you are!’ he thought to himself. He wanted for Crystallin to go away in his mind, only because of how embarrassed he was. Nobody had seen him cry but his parents and he wasn’t about ready to let of all people see him cry. Robbie wanted to curl into a fetus position under his blanket and hide. His mind raced with insults at himself and telling him how stupid he was being to cry, even though he had more than a reason to. His teeth sunk into his lip as he made an attempt to remain as soundless as possible, failing partially…

Crystallin glanced at him under the pillow and felt an ache rise in her chest. Hesitantly, she set her hand where she thought his shoulder was and rubbed her hand back and forth. She still wasn’t quite sure what to say. “Robbie - are you mad at me? I suppose … I might have over-reacted a little. It was just a sprite after all,” she murmured. “An’ I shouldn’t have called you a dolt. Sometimes I forget that we really don’t know a handful o’ things the other does,” she continued. She was trying to bite back her pride and apologize to him.

"Is there something I can do t’ make this better?" she asked softly. She let the silence resume, not moving except for her hand on his shoulder and letting her eyes focus out the window. She felt too young herself for this. How silly that politics came easily, but helping Robbie was - well it was almost frighteningly hard. Maybe they could work on not butting heads so much.

 the-self-exiled asked:
"Two can keep a secret if one o' them is dead."


"How’d you get blood on your hands?!" Brittany asked confused when she saw her friend’s hands. ‘Who ticked you off this time?"

"Well if I told you it wouldn’t be much of a secret now would it?" Crystallin had a strange expression on her face. Smooth and almost too neutral. There was still a dark, hard cloudiness in her eyes though - as if there was still a quiet storm rumbling within her. "I’d rather not stain the carpet or my clothes though. I’m going t’ go wash up," she nodded, gliding past Brittany towards her rooms.

Superhero/Superpower Sentence Meme

  •  As requested by Anonymous
  •  "You? A superhero? Don't make me laugh"
  •  "Tell me, what's your power?"
  •  "Remove the mask, and reveal your identity to me, hero"
  •  "You're a superhero? Well, what's your power then?"
  •  "If you have superpowers then why aren't you wearing spandex?"
  •  "A superhero? Of what?"
  •  "I don't believe in heroes, let alone superheroes"
  •  "I'm a hero!"
  •  "I'm not just a hero, I'm a superhero!"
  •  "I have superpowers"
  •  "Woah, woah, woah- what did you just do?"
  •  "Was that magic, or am I dreaming?"
  •  "That wasn't magic, that was my power/s"
  •  "I have to tell you... I'm not your regular human being- I'm a superhero, with superpowers and everything"
  •  "I'm a superhero, I don't need to deal with you peasants"
  •  "What's your superpower?"
  •  "Do you believe in superheroes?"
  •  "You best start believing in superheroes, because I am one"
  •  "So how did you get your powers? Bitten by a radioactive animal? Dumped in toxic waste?"
  •  "I inherited my powers from my parents"
  •  "I got bit by a radioactive animal"
  •  "I had a problem with toxic waste..."
  •  "I got my powers from/by _____"
  •  "I don't know. Maybe I was just born with my powers"
  •  "You think just because you're wearing a mask I won't recognise you?"
  •  "Nice spandex"
  •  "No one has superpowers- that's just made up"

Sentence Meme: Broken Iris Lyrics


"Just keep my mind burning strong…"
"Into the gaping emptiness I’ll go"
"The honor brought by those has faded slowly"
"What if we’re all insane?"
"If there was a colour created for me, it consists in shades of three"
"It’s worthless… it fuels my gain"
"I see you enjoy this while I exploit this brief insanity of mine"
"Perceive and understand you is far more than I can do"
"I’m feeling so damn hollow"
"I’m feeling much better, my friend"
"I’m sorry you must attend to your little white room again"
"Maybe we’re all insane, the way that we live"
"Never again will I give in"
"Fight unless you’re willing to die"
"Heroes will rise, enemies fall"
"Pay no more mind to the agony from the burn"
"Let yourself climb to a height never reached before"
"In a world of tragedy I search for release so I may leave"
"All this time I’ve been waiting to find a way to reach inside"
"The higher I am the better view I find"
"No doubt or fear, my view is now clear"
"I’ll never forget those beautiful eyes"
"I still remember the way you said goodbye"
"Don’t fall down because an angel should never touch ground"
"Emptiness settles in as I awake"
"It’s all the same for the dreamers"
"It’s all the same for us"
"Float on to the painted sky where butterflies never die"
"Sterilize your mentality"
"Hold on the painted sky where we will be unified"
"Until the end of me, you’ll be the death of me"
"I dare you to cross the line again"
"Deep down inside there’s something that waits to be broken"
"The thinning line between you and my sanity is quickly fading"
"It takes just a breeze to cause a storm"
"It takes me to cause a tragedy"
"Watch as the worlds collide"
"Madness starts from where this story ends"
"I never expected that I’d underestimated my love for you"
"And I never expected that I would take for granted our precious time"
"I spent a lifetime of holding on just to let go"
"I guess I’ll spend another life time searching for a new hope"
"We’re not alone"
"As out of control as this world seems to be, we’re not alone"
"I’m astonished by your absolute beauty"
"Set all your fears aside"
"Will this be another day of night?"
"The knife’s not sharp enough to fear"
"Now our world’s full of nightmares left from you"
"Welcome to the one track minded age"
"Some have to see to believe it"
"Is this the part where we start our lives?"
"What a sight for the sore eyes?"


He bristled. So that giant oaf he considered his friend did speak out of turn and tell her what he was. He didn’t think they were just going around and announcing it now. He didn’t remember telling Hadrian he was allowed to disclose that sort of information. Oh, his partner was going to get it when he came back.

"Whatever he told you, pretend you didn’t hear. And you better keep whatever it is you are under wraps. People here don’t like it when you’re different. "

Crystallin sighed. “I’m aware o’ that. He told me in confidence because he wanted me to understand what was going on. I’m telling you what I am so that you realize I’m not going t’ say anything about you. Hadrian was very clear about what it means t’ be different here. I’m not going t’ say anything about you or myself. I just wanted you t’ know that we have common ground,” she tried again.

He was in a particularly sour mood. That was what she chose to believe at least. Otherwise Royce was even less sociable than Hadrian had tried to make it seem. No matter, Crystallin was still determined to try. “I suppose that doesn’t make a different t’ you though. Very stoic indeed. Far more than Hadrian let on. Although his exact word was grumpy I believe.”

 the-self-exiled asked:
“Stay behind me."



Robbie’s eyes narrowed and he shoved her hand away from himself. “I can take care of myself…” He groaned and stood back in his place, observing what was before him.

Robbie didn’t reply to anything she said. He hardly paid attention. He couldn’t really focus on what she was saying. His mind thought about his mom and dad and he wanted to punch something. His eyes welled up with tears that he couldn’t control and his fists clenched. He gritted his teeth together, sure to make a soft noise. A few of the tears slipped from his eyes and he tried his hardest to make them stay in his eyes. Robbie’s nose became stuffy and he grew angry with himself as he didn’t want to sound like he was crying. He hated being alone while he was crying let alone being with someone else that he knew would definitely remember it. He tried to sniffle softly and used the cloth of his pillow case to wipe away the salty tears that slipped down his cheeks. ‘Dammit…’ He thought to himself and used his sweatshirt sleeves to cover his eyes.

It was impossible not to hear what was going on. She didn’t know if she was supposed to ignore it or not, but she didn’t want to. He was still a child. He was an unruly, but he was a child and he needed someone. Maybe that was part of why they’d gotten into this mess together. Certainly better her than any other fey that could have been around. She was sure of that now. Even if he was a prickly little thing, he was a child in need of care. Maybe it would even help him grow a little.

Wordlessly, Crystallin got up and padded into the bed area. She had to remind herself not to be completely silent or she might scare him. She situated herself on the bed where his legs weren’t and simply sat there without a sound. Honestly Crystallin didn’t know if she should say anything or if silent company was better. She’d find out though.

Open rp//Dorm mates AU


"Do we even know anyone would would be the sober friend if i got drunk?" she asked tapping her lip as she thought "I’ll pass on the whole shower seeing thing, that ain’t my kinda scene"

She rolled so she was lying the same way her bed was on her stomach as she continued to think about her earlier question because apart from her, she couldn’t think of anyone

"Me. I’m your sober friend when you want t’ get drunk," she clarified. "Just like you’re supposed t’ be my sober friend if I want t’ get drunk," she explained. Though she didn’t plan on getting too drunk too often. She’d prefer getting drunk in their room with Jess there to baby her as needed. Not to mention if she started feeling frisky, Jess could put her to bed and make sure she kept her clothes on. Crystallin was a bit of a nudist at heart though. The less in hot weather, the better.

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Alfheim Orphan [Closed-themidgardiansongstress]


"Realm?" He asked curiously, tipping his head to one side.

"Oh um - kingdom. Which o’ the nine kingdoms are you from?" she asked. Hopefully that would be clearer. She gestured that he should sit and gave a nod to the barkeep. "Please what would you like to drink? He can make anything," she offered.